Our Story

A Voice For The Consumer

My Mechanic Friend was founded to assist customers in making informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle or paying for repairs. We are not a mobile repair service but a consulting company.  

In February 2010 I came back to Arizona after working overseas for a couple of years. Having stored a vehicle while I was away, while getting it road worthy I knew it would need a brake pad replacement. Being tired from international travel I decided to take the vehicle to a popular repair shop that specializes in brake repair.  

After arriving at the facility and handing over the keys I was instructed to wait in the lobby with all the other customers. As I waited one by one customers were called up to the front desk and received their quotes to fix their vehicles. I noticed that the repair costs on every vehicle were very costly, and I thought to myself that this was a real fleecing of this establishment’s customers. The cheapest quote that was given was well over $600. All the customers handed over their cards to pay for the repairs but looked reluctant to do so. They finally called me up and advised me the repair job would be over $800.00. Having a lifelong career in mechanical and equipment repair I asked the mechanic to show me all that they were trying to replace.  

I asked the mechanic to place a micrometer on my rotor to determine the thickness. The mechanic looked at me with his face aghast and froze. I asked him to give me the micrometer and I’ll check them. The rotors were fine and didn’t need any attention as they had been replaced before I went overseas. They had also advised me that all 4 of Calipers needed to be replaced but were in working condition and didn’t need to be replaced at all. I asked the mechanic to go and get his manager. When the manager arrived, I asked him to explain why they were trying to replace parts that had nothing wrong with them and explain to me what he thought was wrong with them. After several excuses I told the manager that I would give them ten minutes to put the wheels back on my vehicle or I was going to report them. The manager had four mechanics come and each put a wheel on my vehicle, and I was out of there in five minutes.

As I left the facility, I had a vision for this business to give customers an advocate that they can use at an affordable price that would be their eyes, ears, and knowledge when it comes to vehicle repair and purchase.

Everyone has a story about being at the mercy of a mechanic shop or overpaying for a faulty used vehicle. My Mechanic Friend hopes to assist consumers in making informed decisions about their automotive needs. I hope you will find our business useful and a great asset for automotive needs.