Consumers can rely on our independent vehicle inspection services for various reasons. These services provide an unbiased evaluation of a vehicle’s condition, giving buyers assurance about its mechanical and structural integrity. By uncovering hidden problems or safety issues, independent inspections offer peace of mind and help buyers make informed decisions. The inspection report also provides valuable negotiating power, enabling buyers to secure a fair price or request repairs before finalizing the purchase. Moreover, independent inspections promote transparency, trust, and verification of a vehicle’s history, ensuring buyers have a clear understanding of their potential investment.


Objective and unbiased evaluation of the vehicle's condition.


Confidence in making an informed purchasing decision.


Potential cost savings by negotiating a fair price or requesting repairs.


Assurance of transparency and trust in the buying process.

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Vehicle Inspection Service (Prior to Purchase)

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Our comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Service ensures you make a smart investment. Our expert contractors meticulously inspect the vehicle's  condition, providing you with a detailed report. Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises after purchase; our service gives you confidence and peace of mind.


Service Call (Second Opinion at a Repair Shop)

When your vehicle needs repairs, we're your advocate. With our Service Call option, our contractors meet you at the repair facility, offering a trusted second opinion on proposed repairs. Don't be at the mercy of unscrupulous mechanics; let us ensure your vehicle gets the care it truly needs.


Vehicle Quick Check (Roadworthiness Inspection)

Safety on the road is paramount. Our Vehicle Quick Check service assesses the roadworthiness of your vehicle, addressing potential issues that may compromise your safety. Don't take risks; our experts will help you ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition.


Inspection today.

Peace of Mind Tomorrow.


The inspection process begins when you order services. One of our Mechanic Friends will contact you within an hour of ordering. All of the details about where and when to meet will be worked out so your vehicle can receive our professional inspection and you get a report of our findings. It's that simple.


We started My Mechanic Friend after experiencing service issues with a local auto repair shop. There should be a fair and transparent process when getting a vehicle serviced or repaired or when purchasing a new or used vehicle.


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