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Vehicle inspection services to provide consultation on recommended automotive repairs and roadworthiness of new & used vehicles for sale.

My Mechanic Friend was born from a passionate desire to bring transparency and honesty to the automotive industry. Founded by individuals who witnessed consumers being taken advantage of, we’ve set out to change the game. Our team is dedicated to guiding vehicle owners through the often daunting and confusing world of automotive repairs and purchases.

We cater to individuals who lack mechanical expertise and find themselves at the mercy of repair shops and sellers. Our approach is unique – we are a mobile consulting service that meets you at the repair facility, offers a second opinion on proposed vehicle repairs, and inspects vehicles before purchase. Our experienced mechanical contractors are the backbone of our services, providing invaluable insights.

Our vision extends beyond a local presence; we aim to establish a nationwide network of informed opinions, ensuring every consumer has the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding their vehicles. With My Mechanic Friend, you’ll never feel alone in the automotive journey. Let us be your trusted partner, shedding light on unscrupulous practices and assisting you in safeguarding your automotive investments.


General Engine Operation


Oil, Fuel and Fluid Levels


Signs of Collision


Visual Inspection of Tire & Brake Condition


A/C & Heater General Operation

Examples of inspection services performed. Comprehensive inspections are provided as part of our services plans.

See details of each service for specific services provided.

Professional Second Opinion

My Mechanic Friend will serve as a liaison and a source of support for the customer. We meet you where the vehicle is located.



A thorough evaluation of a vehicle before purchase.


A detailed report will be provided of our contractors findings.


No Repairs

We do not offer automotive repairs. We are consulting only.


Inspect your vehicle’s overall condition or if it is road trip ready.

Want More Info?

Not A Mobile Mechanic Service But We Speak Their Language

An advocate who will decipher mechanic shop jargon, save money on parts and labor, confirm the repairs needed on a vehicle, or provide a visual inspection of a vehicle prior to purchase.


Peace of Mind.


Professional Inspections.


An Advocate for the Consumer.


Our Findings. Your Negotiation Tool.

Our Mission

At My Mechanic Friend, our mission is to empower consumers in the automotive world. We’re driven by the belief that every vehicle owner deserves transparency, integrity, and expertise. Our goal is to revolutionize the industry by providing reliable, honest, and informed consulting services. We stand beside those who aren’t mechanically inclined, guiding them to make confident decisions on automotive repairs and vehicle purchases. With a commitment to excellence and the expansion of our services nationwide, we aspire to be the trusted partner that ensures roadworthy vehicles and unravels the mysteries of auto repair and inspection.


Our Services

My Mechanic Friend services offer valuable benefits such as unbiased assessments, comprehensive evaluations, cost savings, peace of mind, negotiation power, and increased safety and reliability. These advantages can help you make informed decisions and avoid potential issues or unnecessary expenses related to vehicle purchases or repairs.

Vehicle Inspection Service (Prior to Purchase)

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Our comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Service ensures you make a smart investment. Our expert contractors meticulously inspect the vehicle's  condition, providing you with a detailed report. Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises after purchase; our service gives you confidence and peace of mind.


Service Call (Second Opinion at a Repair Shop)

When your vehicle needs repairs, we're your advocate. With our Service Call option, our contractors meet you at the repair facility, offering a trusted second opinion on proposed repairs. Don't be at the mercy of unscrupulous mechanics; let us ensure your vehicle gets the care it truly needs.


Vehicle Quick Check (Roadworthiness Inspection)

Safety on the road is paramount. Our Vehicle Quick Check service assesses the roadworthiness of your vehicle, addressing potential issues that may compromise your safety. Don't take risks; our experts will help you ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition.


Join Our Team

My Mechanic Friend is always on the lookout for skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Mechanic Friends offer the greatest customer service and possesses a broad variety of automotive expertise to assist consumers with repair shops and automobile purchases. 


Inspection today.

Peace of Mind Tomorrow.


The inspection process begins when you order services. One of our Mechanic Friends will contact you within an hour of ordering. All of the details about where and when to meet will be worked out so your vehicle can receive our professional inspection and you get a report of our findings. It's that simple.


We started My Mechanic Friend after experiencing service issues with a local auto repair shop. There should be a fair and transparent process when getting a vehicle serviced or repaired or when purchasing a new or used vehicle.


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