Consumer Advocates

Vehicle inspection services to provide consultation on recommended automotive repairs and roadworthiness of new & used vehicles for sale.

My Mechanic Friend was founded to assist customers in making informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle or paying for repairs. We are not a mobile repair service but a consulting company with mechanic experience.


General Engine Operation


Oil, Fuel and Fluid Levels


Signs of Collision


Visual Inspection of Tire & Brake Condition


A/C & Heater General Operation

Examples of inspection services performed. Comprehensive inspections are provided as part of our services plans.

See details of each service for specific services provided.

Professional Second Opinion

My Mechanic Friend will serve as a liaison and a source of support for the customer. We meet you where the vehicle is located.



On-site evaluation of the overall condition or specific automotive systems.


A report of mechanic’s findings to help consumer make an informed decision.


No Repairs

We do not provide or offer auto repairs or advice on vehicle purchases.


Want to know your vehicle’s overall condition or if it is ready for a road trip?

Want More Info?

Not A Mobile Mechanic Service But We Speak Their Language

An advocate who will decipher mechanic shop jargon, save money on parts and labor, confirm the repairs needed on a vehicle, or provide a visual inspection of a vehicle prior to purchase.


Peace of Mind.


Professional Inspections.


An Advocate for the Consumer.


Our Findings. Your Negotiation Tool.

Our Mission

My Mechanic Friend was established to assist customers in making informed decisions about their automotive needs. When purchasing a used vehicle or paying for repairs, our services offer a professionally trained mechanic friend consultant.

We are not a mobile mechanic service, but rather a consulting firm that provides consumers with an advocate who will decipher mechanic shop jargon, save money on parts and labor, confirm the repairs needed on a vehicle, or provide a visual inspection of a vehicle prior to purchase – giving customers a negotiating tool as well as a peace of mind that the vehicle has been inspected by a professional.


We are committed to delivering exceptional service, transparency, and peace of mind, ensuring the safety, reliability, and value of every vehicle we inspect.

Our Services

My Mechanic Friend services offer valuable benefits such as unbiased assessments, comprehensive evaluations, cost savings, peace of mind, negotiation power, and increased safety and reliability. These advantages can help you make informed decisions and avoid potential issues or unnecessary expenses related to vehicle purchases or repairs.


This service is for customers looking to buy a new or used vehicle. The mechanic friend will meet the customer at the vehicle location (within reason and city limitations) and perform a complete inspection of the vehicle for overall condition and operation.


Service Call

For customers who need an advocate (friend) at a repair shop to provide a second opinion on proposed vehicle repairs. The Mechanic Friend will function as a liaison between the customer and the repair business, looking out for the customer's best interests.


Quick Inspection

For this service, the Mechanic Friend will come to the vehicle's location and inspect the vehicle's overall condition, which will include vital fluids (transmission, power steering, brake fluid, engine oil), tire pressure & condition, brakes, AC and lights.


Join Our Team

My Mechanic Friend is always on the lookout for skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Mechanic Friends offer the greatest customer service and possesses a broad variety of automotive expertise to assist consumers with repair shops and automobile purchases. 


Inspection today.

Peace of Mind Tomorrow.


The inspection process begins when you order services. One of our Mechanic Friends will contact you within an hour of ordering. All of the details about where and when to meet will be worked out so your vehicle can receive our professional inspection and you get a report of our findings. It's that simple.


We started My Mechanic Friend after experiencing service issues with a local auto repair shop. There should be a fair and transparent process when getting a vehicle serviced or repaired or when purchasing a new or used vehicle.


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