Service Call




Customers who require the assistance of a repair shop advocate to provide a second opinion on proposed vehicle repairs. My Mechanic Friend will serve as a liaison and a source of support for the customer. Our contractor will contact the customer to arrange a meeting at the repair shop or, if the customer prefers, will go to the facility on their behalf. When the contractor arrives, they will introduce themselves as a friend or associate of the customer and inquire about the proposed vehicle repairs, speaking with repair shop staff and management. Following a review of the repair estimates, the Mechanic Friend will advise customers on what is urgently needed and what can be postponed to save money on parts and labor, if there is money to be saved. The Mechanic Friend will look out for the customer’s best interests, as well as their safety and well-being. A report of the Mechanic Friend’s findings will be provided to the customer.

*Note-the mechanic friend will only look over the proposed vehicle repairs, and not the entire vehicle.